Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Fun Family Day

On Saturday, April 4th, Jason and I took the kids (and Biscuit the Bunny - Ellie's preschool mascot) for their first ride on front runner. We were about 10 seconds late for the front runner's departure so we had to hang out out the train station for an hour until the next train came. We didn't mind it was such a beautiful day to be outside. The girls were so excited to go on the "train"
The kids loved it. No. They don't serve spaghetti on the front runner - this is us at California Pizza Kitchen at the Gateway. The Gateway is in convenient walking distance from the main Salt Lake City train stop. Ellie LOVES spaghetti as you can see! are the girls with their chocolate milk, a Murray family staple.
Megan being sassy and refusing to smile for the camera. Super cute though.
Now that is one handsome boy - even with a spaghetti face.
At the end of the day, we surprised the girls with a visit to Build-A-Bear Workshop. Ellie made a unicorn and Megan created a Hello Kitty. They were in heaven. Sadly, biscuit the bunny didn't get as much attention on the trip home.

I love my little kids. I rather spend time with my family then do anything else. They're the best.


Natalie Murray said...

These pictures are way cute & looks like you had a great time!

Shannon and Derek said...

Hey Heidi, I just came across your blog while looking at some other people's in the ward. Those pictures are so adorable! You guys are such a cute family!